Hike 29 – Snowpocalypse 2014 (Everything is a hike in the snow)


In Portland, snow means that you basically cannot travel. Portland does not have enough snow plows, does not have enough de-icer, does not use salt for environmental reasons, and is basically ridiculous. When it snows in Portland, the town shuts down. As a teacher, I get snow days and Portland’s inability to function doesn’t hurt or help me. I feel bad for people who actually have to get around. Once the snow melted and the schools opened back up, the most dangerous place was in Portland. Sandy and Boring and Damascus were safe as houses; my street was basically Government Camp. Sid handled like a champ though. There were no crises.

When you walk in the snow, everything is a hike, especially when it has a layer of ice and top of it and you have to break through.  My sister and I decided our best option for a hike when we were both snowed-in separately was to walk to each other and back. We both live in southeast Portland, but I live 47 blocks east and approximately 48 blocks south of her. We plotted our route so that we could actually meet each other and we headed out separately. There was about 4 inches of snow on the ground and it was snowing HARD.

I adjusted by route slightly to make sure I could stop by the liquor store. You have to have priorities when you are going to be snowed in for awhile. My sister adjusted her route as well because her million dollar Sorel boots were hurting her so bad she couldn’t stand walking in them any longer. Funny story, several snow days later I was with the fabulous Becky Curry who was also wearing million dollar Sorel boots and she was also in pain. In summary, those boots suck and you should spend your money elsewhere. They are super cute, but function before fashion has always been my motto. They each had totally different models of the boots and they were both in pain. My sister ended up buying slipper boots and walking home in the soaking wet boots. Her motto is that wet shoes are always better than painful shoes. I tend to agree.

Anyway, we continued to head toward each other in the snow. The hill on 39th at Clinton was the hardest hill I’ve ever walked in my life. I was so winded it was ridiculous. I blame the snow not my lack of fitness. We met up just the slightest bit south of 39th and Hawthorne. I walked 3 miles each way (6 miles total). My sister and Sharock walked 2.4 miles each way (4.8 miles total). It was rough going in the snow and beautiful. We most definitely met both of our normal hike goals: beauty and fitness.

Once we met up we headed into Tom’s Bar on 39th and Division and had hot toddies. It was the perfect way to warm up. On the walk home it was freezing raining like no one’s business. I did some grocery shopping on my way back so I thought my back was going to break by the time I got home. My fancy new backpack (thanks Sharock) and my coat were covered with a layer of ice. Freezing rain is nuts.

We basically just walked a few blocks in town, but it was a great day!


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