Hike 62 – Old Salmon River Trail (Again)

This is the other trail that has Aunt Patti’s ashes on it, and is just one of my favorite chill hikes. It’s almost flat, but a good 5 miles with beautiful features. Also, you can stop and rest at any point putting your tired feet in the cold, clear water.

As we sat on the shore, we created an entire story around a small fish that was hanging out by our feet. We gave him a name, which neither of us can remember. We talked about his family and how he liked us so much he would follow us up river as we hiked. While we were sitting there this other bigger fish was stalking him from the shadows. I was like, “Look that fish is totally stalking him.” Right as I sad that he made his move. Our fish friend was no more and the predator moved back into the shadows to wait for his next meal.

The picture of my sister in the sun on the trail is one of my favorite hiking pictures ever. It completely sums up what hiking is to me, just a girl and nature.

One thing we noticed about the hike this time around was how ridiculously low the water was. A year previously we had to take a detour to the road to get around some raging side creeks. Those same creek beds were completely dry this time around. While that was convenient for our hike, it would just be the first of many times in the summer of 2015 that our plans were changed by a lack of water. The water situation was scary. I hope that 2016’s rain is plentiful and makes up for it.

For information about the Old Salmon River trail click here.


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