Hike 26 – Forest Park – Wildwood Trail – Germantown to FL #15

Forest Park Wildwood

We had every intention of hiking Triple Falls today. After my post last week I got a few texts from SteveZ about his favorites and I was all set to head out there today and finally deposit Aunt Patti’s ashes somewhere worthy. There were a few snags in the plan. I went out with Lacey and Becky last night and had way too much fun, so I woke up late. My sister is sick with a cold that I am slowly spreading to every single person I know and eventually across the world, maybe universe (insert sinister laughter).  She took Theraflu (which she calls night time tea) and also slept in late, through her alarm even. Since the evil Costco scheduler has yet to stop ruining our Sundays, we had to be done by 2:30 again. Needless to say, we didn’t have time for Triple Falls, but we are totally looking forward to hiking it in the future. Thanks SteveZ!

When I finally got to my sister’s house, I was pretty defeated. I had no idea where to hike today. She suggested Forest Park. We still have so many trails in Forest Park that we haven’t hiked yet. I know Wildwood alone is 30 miles, so we made it happen. We entered the trail on Germantown and hiked until we needed to head back to get my sister to work on time. After some highly advanced math (adding and subtracting) I have calculated that we did 7.5 miles out and back. The trail is truly beautiful and as it works its way through peaks and valleys the scenery changes dramatically. We saw a lot of runners. We were also almost killed by a horse-sized dog. It was truly frightening. When your dog is that big, leashes people!

It was pretty muddy on the trail considering the tiny amount of water we have received in the Pacific Northwest this year. I would have welcomed even more water and mud if it meant there was snow on the mountain. Come on snow. Come on.

As usual we talked of many things as we headed up and down and up and back down again meandering through the forest. We made a decision. We are both going to learn more about Tesla. He was just so cool. When we are done reading about him, we are going to build a Tesla coil. Why? Because we want to have a Tesla coil. Who doesn’t really? This was our train of thought:

1. I told my sister about Bill Murray and RZA and GZA walking into a bar and bar-tending one night. No matter what anyone ordered, they were served tequila shots. Hilarious, right?

2. Then we started talking about how Bill Murray and RZA and GZA must be friends because they were also together in the same segment of the movie Coffee and Cigarettes.

3. Then we started talking about Jack White wheeling around a Tesla Coil in a Radio Flyer wagon in the same movie.

4. Then we talked about Tesla for basically the rest of the hike.

Unlike Leif Erickson Drive, Wildwood Trail is actually a trail. If you’re going to hike in Forest Park, I recommend it. It’s my favorite in the park thus far. Despite the mud, it was pretty and an excellent day (there was even sun). Next week…something on majestic Mt. Hood. We are going to hike on Thursday because despite telling the scheduling lady time and time again that Sunday has been her day off for like a million years, my sister has to work next week again and this time all day. I’m starting to think that lady is ruining our fun intentionally. Knock it off, lady (I would normally call her something else, but I don’t want to offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities).

For information about Wildwood Trail click here.


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