Hike 25 – Salmon Creek Greenway

Salmon Creek

Who knew there were so many cool greenway paths in and around Portland? Probably someone, but not me. Each time my sister has to work on a Sunday (by the way terrible scheduling person at Costco, knock it off, she’s supposed to have Sundays off for Pete’s sake), we look for something close and not too challenging. There are a lot of good, long-ish, urban “hikes” that suit our purposes. We get to see interesting habitats and new neighborhoods. She has to work next weekend too, so I’m sure we won’t go anywhere amazing. We’ve actually been carrying around some of my aunt’s ashes to deposit somewhere beautiful, but we’ve yet to find the right place yet (except for when we forgot them in the car at Falls Creek Falls). I want to get back out in the wilderness soon. Cooperate weather. Cooperate evil Costco scheduler. Also, if you’ve ever done an amazing hike, I would welcome suggestions. I’m talking to you Josh Kanable, Jeremy Wedell, and SteveZ.

The Salmon Creek Greenway is in Vancouver, surprisingly along Salmon Creek (mind blown). We got a late start because my sister is house hunting and we had to be done so that she could get to work by 2:30. I ended up having to drive her to work because we got done too late. She also rushed into a Subway in Vancouver and got a sandwich while I waited to drive quickly away. No Subway for me. I had pizza.

The greenway starts in Salmon Creek Park which is super easy to find and get to. Then you follow the paved trail along a wetland. There is the rushing (in winter) creek and many ponds full of ducks and herons. We got within five feet of a giant heron and it didn’t move a muscle. I took a picture, but it didn’t turn out. The greenway was full of all sorts. There was one lady talking to herself both times that we passed her and I imagined she was reciting Hail Mary’s like in Don Jon (see it if you haven’t). My sister’s calf muscle has really been bothering her and even on this paved, flat trail it was hurting her. I hope that stops soon.

Clark County is working on restoring the salmon habitat in the creek so there are a ton of planting projects in the works along the trail. I like that. Bring nature back! The trail is 6.2 miles out and back and it has one tiny, maybe 10 foot, hill. We saw a foursome skateboarding the trail. That is the second pack of skateboarders we’ve seen in two weeks. I like it. The lone girl, who didn’t know what she was doing, was wearing a helmet. Hooray for not being too cool to save your brains!

I can’t remember what we talked about. I remember we laughed really hard. I also remember saying that I read the Failblog every day because every day it makes me laugh aloud. Everyone needs to laugh more. It’s good for you…and your abs!

It was a pretty trail. I recommend it. Pavement hurts me. I yearn for dirt and rocks and silence. Soon.

For information about the Salmon Creek Greenway Trail click here.


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