Hike 23 – Rock Creek Greenway

Rock Creek

I have to admit, it was hard to get a pretty picture today. Although there were plenty of pretty things to see, this particular hike is lined in its entirety by housing developments. There is nothing that says “nature” like the smell of laundry and breakfast. Seriously, yuck. Despite the proximity to houses, there were plenty of lovely things to see.

I picked the hike this morning right before we left. I’m starting to need more suggestions. Anyone? I need to get back to work so that my coworkers who all love to hike can tell me about more of their favorites. Plus, all of my best friends are at work. I love vacation, but I miss people.

I thought this would be a hard week. It wasn’t. Not at all. It was a pretty spectacular week in all honesty. Christmas can be hard on anyone. I’ve heard before that the holidays make lots of people depressed, highest suicide rates and such. That absolutely did not happen to me. I love seeing my family, watching people open presents, eating delicious food, and this year especially, meeting new people. It was a great week. I can’t wait until New Years at the Wroblewskis. It will be incredible.

The hike starts with soccer fields and a golf course, not our standard fair, but I knew that going in. The whole thing is paved so we have blisters. Pavement is not our friend. After the golf course, you enter into a wetland of sorts. There is a gorgeous lake with tons of ducks. We saw more birds today than on any other hike we have done. I’m really not a bird fan, but I appreciate the variety of birds we saw.

Once in the wetlands there are grasses, berries, cattails, and all sorts of other water-loving plants. It was really pretty. There were a ton of people on the trail. They were very friendly but apparently in Beaverton when you’re riding a bike it’s not trail etiquette to let people know you’re around until you almost murderize them. Only one person gave us a “on your left” before she went by. There was a near miss. The stupid lady didn’t say a word even after she tried to take my left arm on her bike ride with her. Get it together Beaverton.

Although the trail was lined with houses, it was still a great hike.  There was a lot to see, a “pastoral view” as it said on the Portland Field Hikers Guide, which is actually quite silly if you’ve ever seen a pasture. There are quite a few amazing parks that we walked through. We saw almost no children. I would say one of the reasons that someone would want to live in those houses is a place for their kids to play, but no one was. Why don’t kids play outside anymore? It makes me really sad. The total hike is 8.1 miles round trip with a little loop at the end. It has a little over 500 feet in elevation, but it didn’t feel like it.

For information about the Rock Creek Greenway click here.


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