Hike 60 – Maple-Wildwood Loop Hike

FullSizeRender (4)I know it’s super weird to only have a picture of my legs, but we just didn’t take any pictures until the end of this hike for some reason. It was a really pretty day and we enjoyed the hike immensely. We enjoyed it so much that we were immersed in the hike and not in documenting it.

My sister and I set a goal a long time ago to hike all of the trails in Forest Park. We still haven’t come anywhere close to reaching that goal. The Maple-Wildwood loop is 8.4 miles with only 1080 feet in elevation change. It has a lot of beautiful things to see and we only retraced our steps from another hike we had done (Leif Erikson) for about 50 feet.

The hike starts at the Lower Salzman trailhead. There were a lot of cars parked there, but we were able to parallel cram our trusty steed and hit the trail. The loop has a combination of different junctions and trail switching, so that you end up seeing a great deal of the park. It hits Salzman, Leif Erickson, Wildwood, Maple, and others. It’s a nice loop that is not too difficult to follow.

There were many features (bridges) in various locations, a ton of plant-life, a cool snake, some birds, one or two crazy mountain bikers, and gallons and gallons of fresh air. We did go the wrong direction once, not because there was a missing sign or anything, but because I am terrible at reading directions sometimes. We figured it out and got back on track.

We hiked fast because we were hungry and we wanted to go get lunch. You gotta have priorities.

For information about the Maple-Wildwood Loop Hike click here.


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