Hike 32 – Old Salmon River Trail

We had to hike on Monday. Next week, finally, we get to hike on Sunday again. I’m sooooo excited for that. It’s a wonderful thing to look forward to.

I left work right after the kiddos and met my sister and our tag-along, Sharock Bruce Hannah, right outside. They were hungry so we went to Subway first, even though I had dinner plans that night. It was delicious though and I only ate a tiny bit of dinner so it all worked out.

We drove up to Welches and hit the same trail we tried to do weeks ago when Josh Kanable led us astray 🙂 We started at the first trail head (because there are five) so that we could get in the maximum amount of hiking. The trail is old and worn and runs along-side the Salmon River. The river is roaring this time of year and quite beautiful. It’s five miles round trip and about 200 feet of elevation change total. It’s basically flat. There were a ton of bridges (features) of all different varieties. It was lovely.

The moss on the trees in this portion of the forest is insane. We often joke about the producers of Grimm “placing” moss on our walks. Apparently, people, who are not from Oregon, thought the moss in the trees on the show was “over the top” and “obviously fake” when the show first came out. We think that is hilarious, so we mention it often. We say, “Wow, the Grimm people did an excellent job on that one” or whatever.

There were a lot of places on the trail that were covered in water. We had to negotiate creeks running through the trail. Then we reached a place where the only way across was a log. I hopped up onto it and was across in no time. Then I started my long wait for Jessie and Sharock…..they never came. I had to go back and we went up to the road and went around it. Wimps.

After going around the creek we hit the trail again and were on our way. Since we had to rejoin the trail, we built a marker out of rocks and sticks so that we could find the right intersection on our way back. It worked like a dream.

My sister and Sharock washed out the jar that had Patti’s ashes in it in the river. They decided if it had any left it was wrong to throw it away. I agree. We took a stellar dual model pose this week, thanks Sharock. When we finished the hike we headed back to the car in almost darkness. Right as we reached the trail head a giant thunder clap rattled the world around us. It was time to go.

For information about the Old Salmon River Trail click here.


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