Hike 5 – Southeast Portland Sunday Parkways

South EastWe had already done one Sunday Parkways route, why not another? Plus, this one reached to literally one block from my sister’s apartment. We had to do it. We both ate breakfast. We both had water. What could go wrong this time?

As we joined the progression, people recognized us. Most people at Sunday Parkways ride their bikes. Two girls walking the whole route, that stands out. It began to pour. We were soaked in minutes.  Yay, Portland! It was too hot to wear a coat and too cold not to. Since when is Portland so muggy? Whew.

Like the first route, this one wound through beautiful neighborhoods. We really like these walks because even though we are native Portland metro girls, we see streets we have never been on and sites we would never see otherwise. The difference between this route and the first was simple, Mt. Tabor. I hear bicyclists talk all the time about the triumph of climbing Tabor, but I’d actually never been up there not in a car. Walking up in the humidity made us hungry. My sister started to get “hangry.” I was worried about my survival.

We continued to weave through the neighborhoods and eventually made it back to her apartment. We then frantically googled the nearest Subway and devoured our lunch in utter silence. The Southeast route was 9 miles.

For information about Sunday Parkways click here.


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